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Pistol Marksmanship Course

Our Pistol Marksmanship Course is on a Saturday in our Gun Shop classroom from 1-5. Make it a date with your special someone or friend! Taking the course with someone you want to start shooting with, helps reinforce the learning experience for both of you. Many that have done this have a “new” shooting partner and a new hobby that friends and family can enjoy. Couples, Families, Extended Families and others have taken this course.  NRA Certified Instructors teach our Pistol Marksmanship Course. Students are individuals that have little or no firearms shooting experience and individuals that need to review the basics or improve their shooting accuracy. We cover the pistol and revolver parts and operation, a discussion of the difference in calibers as well as safety with revolvers and semi-automatics are covered. Loading, unloading, cocking, uncocking, clearing malfunctions, grip and aim are taught. We provide 22LR pistols and ammo for the range portion of this course to teach you to shoot, or help you gain additional skills in shooting a semi-automatic pistol. You will learn the functions and features to help you gain knowledge about your pistol and improve your shooting skills. Also, you will learn what features are important to you as a shooter, helping make you a more knowledgeable decision before your next firearm purchase. Firearm safety and range etiquette are taught. Everyone gets to shoot a pistol with a silencer on it just for fun. In addition, this class is an excellent preparation for the License to Carry Course and is a pre-requisite to attending our LTC.

Class size is limited to offer plenty of one on one training. If attending with a parent, minimum age is 14. Cost is $150.00 per person.

License to Carry Handgun Course

We offer training for Texas residents that wish to obtain a License to Carry (LTC). Our female instructor, Judith Baker is certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety and provides a complete service that makes this course a one stop shop. A multi-media presentation makes the class educational, interesting and fun. The classroom is in our Gun Shop and the range portion is at the Best of the West Shooting Range. This is a very organized, professional and thorough course. You will learn the laws of the State of Texas concerning when to shoot, when not to shoot and the possible ramifications if you do shoot. Classroom is on a Saturday 10-5:00 and range is 2 hours on Sunday. The following services are included with your fee:

  • Help with the Paperwork
  • Range Fees are covered at no additional cost to you
  • An instructor that is available for you even after the course

To sign up for an LTC Course, fill out the registration form on the Event Calendar page and mail a personal check for $150.00 to the address provided on the form. Rental pistols are available for and additional $50 which includes the ammo and will need to be designated on the registration form. When received, you will be notified that you have a reserved seat in the course. Contact us for information on private group courses which are available during the week with a minimum of 6 students.

Course fee is $150 and each student must be pre-registered. Due to the shortening of the required course length, our Pistol Marksmanship Course is required as a prerequisite.

Firearms Maintenance Training

This course is a one on one session involving maintenance training on any personally owned firearm. Whether it is a revolver, semi-automatic pistol, rifle or shotgun, you will learn how to completely take apart your gun and clean it. Maintenance involves cleaning, checking for specific functionality of certain features, and lubricating for best performance. Maintenance Training will increase your knowledge about your firearm and its features. Maintaining a firearm helps keep it working in top notch condition.

This course is offered by appointment and is approximately 1 1/2 hours in length. The appropriate cleaning kit is included in the fee. This is a time to ask any questions you have about your firearm. Call and set up your personalized training session. Cost is $75 per session.

Reloading Workshop

This course is an introduction to reloading for the modern day firearms. Topics covered incorporate safety, equipment, procedures and tips. A discussion of fundamentals and the science of reloading are included. This is a good opportunity to learn the reloading process and a great way to develop a new hobby. Fathers and sons, husbands and wives and others have taken this course. Each student will load a common caliber ammunition to take home and try in their firearm.

Course fee is $150 and each student must be pre-registered.

Land Navigation Workshop

This workshop teaches the fundamentals of using a compass and reading a topographical map. Participants learn how to find their way without a GPS. The fee includes a compass and topographical map to take home with you. This course is beneficial for hikers, hunters and outdoors enthusiasts.

Fee is $20 plus at least 2 cans of food for Operation Liberty Hill.  Call the Gun Shop to sign up.

Hunters Education

State Law requires anyone wanting to hunt that was born on or after September 1, 1971 must complete a Hunters Education Safety Course.  In addition the laws require anyone under the age of 17 that desires to hunt in a blind unsupervised must have completed Hunters Education.  This course is scheduled on a Sunday afternoon from 1-6 beginning and ending at the Gun Shop.   Students under the age of 16 must be with an adult due to a transportation requirement.  The course involves an online portion to be performed prior to the class.  The information from the online portion is on the test.  The Field Trails Skill involves walking through several hunting scenarios, learning safety measures and a live fire portion.

Call the Gun Shop for info and to register.



Training Courses Calendar »